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Fishing Tips & Know-how
Fishing Tips & Know-how
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Reports & Documents
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More Maps & Other Things

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Raffle Winner !
Mike Hunter

Won a Guided Striper Fishing with Pro Guide Keith Wright of Rising Water Guide Service.

This Raffle was held in compliance with the registration requirement of Ark. Code Ann. §23-114-101 et seq.
Raffle License ID: 55781684-BRR 



Monthly Membership Meetings

Although we do encourage Members to bring Guests and allow other Guests to attend our Meetings, the Monthly Meetings are geared toward keeping our Membership informed about things that affect them, and every meeting includes something to help them prepare to catch Stripers in the coming month.

The Board shares information from the most recent Board of Director's Meeting.

The Tournament Committee shares results from the most recent Tournament and gives details for the next one.

Members are entered in a Drawing for a Door Prize, and attendance is acknowledged as a way we build each other up.

We usually raffle off Fishing Gear.

We serve Refreshments and visit with each other during a break.

Newletter emailing

Visitors to the site can see the latest Newsletter, but Members have access to past Newsletters too.

Successful fishing follows a consistent pattern each year.

There are seasons to these patterns and the Newsletters help you understand what they are.

Typical Newsletter July 2022

Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature Reports

Our Club takes depth readings of the Lake throughout the year to measure Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature vs. Depth.

The Report provides the information you need to find the depth and area of the lake where the Stripers will be.

Visitors see a sample one - Members see the most current one and can search previous year reports for the upcoming season.

Stripers look for water in their comfort range (60-70 deg.) and with sufficient Oxygen to sustain activity.

Lake Norfork is a deep warm climate lake that warms quickly in Spring.

It develops a Thermocline - a barrier that traps cooler water below it from the warm well mixed oxygenated water above.

Stripers will stay below the Thermocline once it sets up in Late Spring/Early Summer.

We tell you were the Thermocline is.

Stripers can be anywhere in the Winter - anywhere they find baitfish to feed on.

Sometime in the April-May season the water temperature at the surface rises to the range of 65-75 deg. The Shad they feed on move up the Creeks to spawn. The Stripers follow and there can be great Topwater action. The Reports always include the surface Temperature.

Typical DO&T Report Aug 2022

Fishing Reports

Only Members may file Fishing Reports to show off their Catch and see the Reports filed by other members.

Sharing this information is one of the ways we help each other catch Stripers.

Typical Fishing Report Sept 2022


As a Member, you are eligible to participate in Tournaments.

We hold several throughout the year - roughly once a month.

Rub shoulders with the best Striper Fishermen on the Lake.

Win Prizes if you catch the BIG FISH or place in the top 3.

Your name will go in the Drawing for a Rod & Reel (or equivalent cash prize) just for entering.

Take a Member Fishing - Find a Mentor

Members volunteer to take new members out in their own boat and show them how they catch Stripers.

Some Members volunteer as Mentors - they will help you plan a trip and go with you in your own boat.


Did you know there are hundreds of ways to prepare Fish?

You don't have to settle for coating them in Salt and Cornmeal and frying them.

(Although we'll help you with that too)

But there are so many other ways to prepare your Catch.

Visitors see a featured Recipe, but Members have a searchable Recipe Book.

Fish Boil

Fish Cocktail


President - Programs
Ron Burk

Vice President - Tournament Director
Kelly Ford

David Hays

Sergeant at Arms
Jim Wencker

Director at Large
Mike Jones

Director at Large
Amy Kraft

Past President
Ron Schneider


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Guide Sevices
Guide Sevices

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Bait & Gear
Bait & Gear

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Marinas & Resorts
Marinas & Resorts

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Boat & Motor
Boat & Motor

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